shaken baby syndrome 

People Take Their Anger Over Economy Out on Babies, Study Shows

The number of babies with non-accidental head injuries has gone up as the economy has gone down. Credit: Getty Images Every now and again, you read a story that fills you with hope and restores your faith in humanity. This isn't o...Hospitals see surge in head injuries among infants.

Amazing Dad: Darryl Gibbs

Darryl Gibbs holds a photo of his daughter Cynthia, who died as a result of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Credit: The Cynthia Gibbs Foundation and Clear Channel
Amazing Dad: Darryl Gibbs, founder and CEO of The Cynthia Gibbs Foundation, a victims' advoca...

iPhone "Baby Shaker" App Pulled - What Was Apple Thinking?

There's nothing funny about shaking a baby to make it stop crying, but that's the premise of a game that Apple temporarily approved for sale to iPhone users this week. The app, intended no doubt to be humorous, displayed a picture of a baby on the ph...

A prayer for Kaleb

We steer away from tragic stories most of the time at ParentDish, preferring to leave those to newspapers and bigger media outlets, but sometimes there is value in relating a story of tragedy and hope, in the spirit of collective power and the possib...


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