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Feeling Judgy? Have More Kids!

You could probably rattle off about 10 hot button parenting issues right now without even thinking. Breast-feeding, vaccinations, spanking, circumcision ... OK, so that's four. But you get the idea. However, these days it seems as though you...After having more kids, I have way less time to care what other people think.

Room for Baby: Sharing With Siblings

Now, this is the image you pray for when your toddler is sharing a room with your baby. Credit: Getty
Siblings sharing a bedroom is a fact of life when you live in a small space, but toddlers sharing a room with a baby sibling can present a speci...

3 Tips for Adopting a Better Bedtime Routine

Bedtime. It can be the best of times, and it can be the worst of times. Often, after a full day of activities together, it cannot come soon enough. But as many parents will tell you, the calming, quiet routines we share with our children as we settle...

Should Brother and Sister Share a Bedroom?

From birth through high school, my sister and I shared a bedroom while our brother enjoyed his own room down the hall. We resented his good fortune but never questioned the idea that he, as a boy, should not be sharing a room with us. Brothers and si...

Sharing a room: Pros and cons

To save money and energy this winter, we moved our younger daughter out of her drafty nursery into our older daughter's room. The girls were thrilled by this news, to say the least, and now they say they want to make the arrangement permanent, even w...


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