Girl Bitten By Shark: 'I Forgive Him'

Six-year-old Lucy Mangum grabbed headlines last week after a shark bit her while she was floating on a boogie board in 18-inches of shallow water in North Carolina. "Today" reports there have been five shark attacks in the state since last sum...The 6-year-old is expected to be able to walk, run and play in about six weeks.

Girl in Good Condition After NC Shark Attack

A 6-year-old girl is giving the thumbs up to Flipper and thumbs down to Jaws after falling victim to a shark attack in North Carolina July 19.
"I hate sharks," she told her parents, according to a statement reported by NBC News. "I like dolphin...
The 6-year-old was on a boogie board in shallow water when she was bitten.

Boy, 12, Expected to Keep Foot After Texas Shark Attack

We think most of us can pretty much agree that sharks are best viewed during a dedicated week on the Discovery Channel. Because viewing them in person, well, that's just asking for trouble. Ask Nicholas Vossler. The 12-year-old boy from Texas ...A bull shark bit the boy's foot as he was playing in the surf on a family vacation.

Man and autistic son rescued after being swept to sea

Thank goodness this is a story with a happy ending. From the outset it might seem as if the odds were against young Christopher Moreno and his father, Walter, when they were swept out to sea just off the coast of Daytona, Florida. Both were rescued a...

Will you let your kids watch Shark Week?

So I'm sitting in my livingroom minding my own business one evening earlier this week when I flip onto a program about baby seals searching for food. "Oh, how cute!" I think to myself. Gee, I just LOVE baby animals, don't you? I imagine that even...


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