Stealing: Lessons for a 4-Year-Old

I took the kids to the pet store on this Martin Luther King Jr. holiday morning, thinking we'd get bird seed to make peanut butter and bird seed pine cones this afternoon. We love all the birds that come to our yard, and even keep a running list of a...This is one of those moments where you know you have to make a stand, hoping it sticks so that the offense is never repeated.

In this economy, even parents resort to shoplifting

As our economy continues to tank, so another alarming trend seems to rise. Consumers, parents readily included among them, are resorting to shoplifting. Recently a man in Massachusetts was apprehended with his daughter attempting to steal shrimp a...

The family that shoplifts together....

...gets arrested together. Sadly, that is what happened when 59-year-old Linda Robinson took her 36-year-old daughter and some of her grandchildren along with her for a shoplifting spree. Police say that Robinson, her daughter Anna Fernandez, and se...

Mom, grandma, use kids to shoplift in New Hampshire

Wow, I used to groan when my mother took me shopping. Little did I know, I had it easy. A New Hampshire woman and her mother were shopping with the woman's two small children, when video footage picked up the kids going behind jewelry counters at a c...


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