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My 14 Year Old is Awful to Her Younger Sister!

Dear AdviceMama, My 14-year-old is always angry with her 11-year-old sister. She is also rude with me. She is very caring to others, especially little children, and is a good friend at school. It is hard for my younger daughter to watch he...
It's painful to watch anyone treat our child unkindly, but it's doubly difficult when one of our own children is inflicting the damage.

Sibling Rivalry? How Parents Can Help

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Parents can help improve relationships between squabbling siblings -- by shipping one to Bolivia and the other to outer Mongolia.
Actually, that only seems like a good idea. A highly motivated little brother wil...
Expert tells parents to help kids develop conflict resolution skills.

My Kids Fight All the Time! How Do I Stop Sibling Rivalry?

Dear AdviceMama, What can I do about my children's sibling rivalry? They fight all the time! Signed, Exasperated Mom Dear Exasperated, It's natural for children to feel frustrated when big sister takes the last cookie, or little br...When siblings cannot negotiate disagreements without hurting one another parents need to take action.

My Little One Was So Excited About Being a Big Brother ... But Not Anymore!

Dear AdviceMama, During my pregnancy, my 3-year old could not have been more excited about having a little brother or sister. He told everyone he was going to be a big brother and couldn't wait for "his" little baby to be born. He was ...
Be patient with your son, and help him cry whenever he's upset.

Boy, 11, Disconnects From Family After Half Sister's Birth

Dear AdviceMama, I was hospitalized for a month after having a new baby girl, and during that time my 11-year-old son, who was looked after by his stepdad (my husband), started getting into trouble at school. Now his grades are also slipping. I'm ...It's easy to see that your son may be struggling to figure out where he fits in to this new family.
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Can I Give My Daughters the "Same" Name?

My 2-year-old daughter's name is Elizabeth. Since Isabella is the Spanish version of the name Elizabeth, should I not name my new baby Isabella? The two names sound and look completely different to me, but will this create a lifelong problem for my...Don't we all create lifelong problems for our children?

Kids Fighting? Don't Send Them to Their Rooms - Teach Them to Get Along

Give peace a chance. Credit: Getty Images
It's standard operating procedure for a parent with fighting kids: If you're feeling particularly energetic, you stop to figure out who did what and maybe even who started it (or not), and then you send...

Leaving a Child Out - How Bad?

Do siblings always have to do the same things? Credit: AshD23, Flickr
"How bad is it to leave one child out?," a mommy blogger wrote via email. "I have many friends that won't have play-dates or sleep overs for one without making plans for the...

Little Girl Fashion, Bickering Kids, and More - Links We Love

Kids are dressing better than their parents. Photo:
Staying home and skipping that vacation to save money this summer? Here's a new clever name for your staycation (and some tips): Non Voyage! -- Lil Sugar Remember that summertime fa...

10-Year Old Arrested for Fighting With Sister

Is sibling rivalry a crime? Image: sanja gjenero/
For the most part, growing up with a sister close to my own age meant always having a friend close by. She was someone I could play with, confide in, and side with against our older brother....

Tooth Fairy, Chandra Wilson, and Brain Injury Signs - Links We Love

Got a kid who's misbehaving? Could be a sign that what they need is not more punishment, but more love. -- PBS Supersisters Formula is expensive, that's for sure. But a leading pediatrician reminds parents that it's better for baby when you buy th...

Which child is your favorite?

Do you have a favorite child? I don't mean at this moment -- you know, because one of them is having a bad day and is driving you nuts -- I mean always, consistently, day in and day out. Do you like one of your children more than the other(s)? Do you...

Moms and dads spend more quality time with firstborn

When my firstborn headed off to preschool this year, I looked forward to some one-on-one time with my two-year-old. Though we spend lots of quality time together as a family, before preschool, time alone with my baby was a rare occurrence. Those firs...

Brooke Shields daughter gets possessive

Generally the source of a child's possessiveness toward a parent is the addition of a new baby or significant other to the family, but Brooke Shields' daughter Rowan was slammed with a double emotional whammy. Not only was she jealous that her mother...

The Preschooler and the Princess: Bringing baby home

Life with two has been an interesting ride so far. I remember pondering ideal age gaps here on this site, and the 32 months between my kids seems to be pretty good, though getting pregnant when he turned two? Well, I might recommend otherwise. I g...


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