sibling rivalry 

Image of the Day: Brotherly love

It's not always easy being a big brother to a chubby-cheeked younger sister. Baby sisters are loud and sometimes cranky, but this big brother does a stellar job of showing love for his wee sibling. It is moments like these that parents remember forev...

Siblings cause depression?

I've long wondered if my 3-year-old daughter would be better-off with a little brother or sister. A recent study, however, says that having siblings can be a double-edged sword. As noted by Brian White on our partner blog, That's Fit, "If you have si...

When Mom likes one baby better

Love her or loathe her, Stephanie Klein is not afraid to be totally honest about issues that many of us would shrink away from. I happen to love her, I think it takes guts to expose your underbelly along with your heart, and I think she has a unique...

Life with just one child, it seems so peaceful

Friday night my two younger children were with their father for the weekend. My oldest, Loren, spent the night with me in an effort to find some peace and quiet in the hours before he took the SSAT test on Saturday. We had dinner, had a real conversa...

When the Ten Commandments take root

Both of my older children have attended a weekly religious education class since they were in Kindergarten. For the most part the classes take a fun but serious approach to learning about the Catholic religion. It must be working because there is a m...

The middle childhood syndrome

Having three children tips the scales in a far different direction than just two kids or an only child. We have three in our family. They are not back-to-back, rather they are currently 13, 9 and almost 2 years-old. Ever day is a challenge and an adv...

Blogging baby book: playing together

Now that my youngest son is eight-and-a-half months, I'm starting to get impatient. I want him to start playing with his big brother and give me little peace already! But, coincidentally, three-and-a-half seems to be an age that carries a lot of need...


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