When the Ten Commandments take root

Both of my older children have attended a weekly religious education class since they were in Kindergarten. For the most part the classes take a fun but serious approach to learning about the Catholic religion. It must be working because there is a m...

The middle childhood syndrome

Having three children tips the scales in a far different direction than just two kids or an only child. We have three in our family. They are not back-to-back, rather they are currently 13, 9 and almost 2 years-old. Ever day is a challenge and an adv...

Blogging baby book: playing together

Now that my youngest son is eight-and-a-half months, I'm starting to get impatient. I want him to start playing with his big brother and give me little peace already! But, coincidentally, three-and-a-half seems to be an age that carries a lot of need...


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