What's the silliest movie?

Last Monday, Jared stayed home sick. The night before, he was coughing so hard that he threw up, so we kept him home for the day. It's just as well, I think. We took Sara to school and then came home. He watched Singin' in the Rain, then wanted to li...

The joy of being silly

We have a lot of silly in our house. As I write this, I have a 17-month-old and a little girl that will turn three in a couple of weeks. Now that I think of it...we have more than "a lot" of silly. We have truckloads. Isn't that the great thing about...

What is your take on "that's so gay?"

How many times have you looked back on your teenage years and cringed? I know I have about a thousand times. So, when I saw this article about a girl's parents suing a school over what the article referred to as a "playground insult," I had to cringe...

Out of the mouths of our babes: Powerpuff Girls and potty mouths

Everett loves the Power Puff Girls, and who wouldn't at age three? They're adventurous, they're zany, they have gigantic eyes that zap things. His babysitter loves them too, so they watch together, giggling over the strange and hairy antics. Today he...

Baby image of the day: silly, off-center

I love a good off-center photo, and this one is so fluid, so silly, it's irresistible. It captures the soul of a preschooler, and it's pretty to boot. Photo of Vivienne uploaded by Metal Meredith. If you'd like your own child featured here, simply u...

Silly putty: fun for all ages. Now, in BULK

Surely every child has processed along the same lines as several Google engineers: if this toy is fun, imagine what crazy fun it would be if I had pounds and pounds and POUNDS of this toy! The Google blog is here to tell you: sometimes, there IS too ...


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