Madonna's Son Meets His Biological Father

There are very few celebrities left in the world who can command media attention virtually any time of the year, no matter what else is going on. This week the news is full of government bailouts, tax increases, Afghanistan – and Madonna. Give ...

Which is the Best Christmas Carol?

Ah, Christmas carols. These days they start the sun-up after Halloween and carry is through most if not all of December. Some radio stations play nothing but Christmas carols throughout the holiday season. We get a kick out them, find them nostalgic...

Hannah Montana's body double exposed

Miley Cyrus is taking some heat lately for using a body double on stage during her Best of Both Worlds Tour. There is a video that shows her slipping off stage in the middle of a song via a trap door. She reappears instantly, dancing around and singi...

Thalía's little girl

Most Friday nights, we can be found at a local taqueria stocking up on Lengua burritos. There are Spanish-language music videos on the TV's, soccer posters on the walls and, in plentiful numbers, pictures of the Mexico-City-born singer Thalía....

Simon Cowell boots contestant because she's pregnant

The X Factor is the UK version of American Idol. In both shows, Simon Cowell is the resident mean guy, ruthlessly shredding the dreams of young singer wannabees. He's also pretty good at creating controversy and has done it again with the dumping of ...

Good Celebrity Role Models for Girls

The tabloids, paired with the 50% possibility that I may give birth to a daughter, have me thinking about female role models. Is there anyone out there that young girls can look up to? I'm not picky at this point -- just show me someone who is famous...


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