single motherhood 

Temper Tantrums: Mama Don't Play That Game

When temper tantrums hit, this mom doesn't back down. Illustration by Dori Hartley
It's one of those mornings. I try not to take them personally. There's no rhyme or reason to it. Daughter #2 had gone to bed at a sensible 8:15...
There is no negotiating with a first-grade terrorist. One must be prepared to make a spectacle.

Most Americans Believe Single Motherhood Is Bad for Society, Survey Finds

Single mom? You're being judged. Credit: Corbis
If you're a single mother struggling to raise kids on your own, here's another challenge to add to your list: Most Americans disapprove of your lifestyle.
Although there is a growing a...
If you're a single mother struggling to raise kids on your own, here's another challenge to add to your list: Most Americans disapprove of your lifestyle.

My Family Is Broke, but Not Broken

Fairy Godmother, where are you? Illustration by Dori Hartley My daughters and I make our way down the Walmart frozen food and cereal aisle. I cast furtive glances around me, hoping not to see anyone we know from the girls' school. I ...This mom might not have much money, but that doesn't mean she isn't rich in family.

The Vat of Fail

Who loses the most in a divorce? Illustration by Dori Hartley
I have a book on my nightstand, "On Becoming Fearless" by Arianna Huffington. I use it as a coaster. I hate water rings on wood. The cloudy circles remind me of wed...
I doubt very much I will ever be convinced that divorce was the only option and that my husband and I and the girls will all be better people for it.

Where's The Dad?

Who's in charge at home? If recent ads from Walmart and Target are to be believed, it's all Mom, all the time. Jezebel has a review of four recent ads from the two big retailers. And they ask a fair question: Where's Dad? The Walmart commerc...

Angie Everhart Looking to Profit From Pregnancy

Remember Angie Everhart? The smoking hot supermodel turned actress turned Sly Stallone arm candy? Well, she's back and she would very much like to have your attention. Word on the street (and by street, I mean Perez Hilton) is that the 39-year-old...

Ann Coulter Blames Single Moms for Rape, Murder

Whoo, boy, Ann Coulter was busy this week. During a Wednesday morning visit to the "Today Show," the Queen of Conservatives unleashed her wrath on single moms and 9/11 widows, calling women who lost their husbands in the terrorist attack "gri...

Driver prepares for single motherhood

Minnie Driver may want to give Bridget Moynahan a call. Ms. Moynahan has experience in something Minnie thinks she may be taking on pretty soon: single motherhood. The actress, who is expecting any day now, says she isn't certain whether or not she'...

The places you'll go

It's the day before my son's second birthday, and I am sitting at a bar stool of a pub in the city I have abandoned, a newspaper in front of me and my old friend Al across from me, regarding me with kind eyes. "How are you, Goose?" he asks, and he me...


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