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Most Americans Believe Single Motherhood Is Bad for Society, Survey Finds

Single mom? You're being judged. Credit: Corbis
If you're a single mother struggling to raise kids on your own, here's another challenge to add to your list: Most Americans disapprove of your lifestyle.
Although there is a growing a...
If you're a single mother struggling to raise kids on your own, here's another challenge to add to your list: Most Americans disapprove of your lifestyle.

The Vat of Fail

Who loses the most in a divorce? Illustration by Dori Hartley
I have a book on my nightstand, "On Becoming Fearless" by Arianna Huffington. I use it as a coaster. I hate water rings on wood. The cloudy circles remind me of wed...
I doubt very much I will ever be convinced that divorce was the only option and that my husband and I and the girls will all be better people for it.

Real-Life Baby Mamas Poor, Unwed, but Not Going It Alone, Study Says

In the movie "Baby Mama," Tina Fey plays a single woman who drafts a South Philly working girl, played by Amy Poehler, to be a surrogate. Real-life baby mamas don't have it so easy. Credit: Karunpillai/Universal
Baby mamas, you've come a long way...
One-fourth of new moms in the United States live in poverty. But, among unmarried moms, one-third are living with someone else and not raising their children alone, according to the most recent Census figures.

Discharge, Not Court-Martial, for Single Army Mom

Alexis Hutchinson with her son Kamani. Credit: Alexis Hutchinson / AP A single Army mom who refused to follow her unit to Afghanistan because she had no one to care for her infant son will be discharged from the military, but not cou...

Where's The Dad?

Who's in charge at home? If recent ads from Walmart and Target are to be believed, it's all Mom, all the time. Jezebel has a review of four recent ads from the two big retailers. And they ask a fair question: Where's Dad? The Walmart commerc...

Ann Coulter Blames Single Moms for Rape, Murder

Whoo, boy, Ann Coulter was busy this week. During a Wednesday morning visit to the "Today Show," the Queen of Conservatives unleashed her wrath on single moms and 9/11 widows, calling women who lost their husbands in the terrorist attack "gri...

Is child support really helping needy families?

The holidays can be a very stressful time for most of us. It can be additionally stressful for people who are struggling to get by, worried about how they will continue to provide for their families, while also struggling to provide some semblance of...

Growing up without men

Some people can't get out of bed without knowing that a cup of coffee is close by. I cannot get out of bed until I hear the reassuring sound of Andy Barrie, host of my local public radio show, CBC's Metro Morning. This week on Metro Morning, they ...


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