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Opinion: Parents of Austic Children Have More to Celebrate Than Mourn

No matter how you slice it, it's a stressful job, and the hours stink. But the rewards? Phenomenal. Credit: Getty Images
I am the single father of an autistic teenager.
And I mean single. I am all alone here. My son's mother live...
As parents, we should appreciate what we have rather than whining about what we don't.

One in Four Children in US Raised By a Single Parent

Credit: Getty Images MIAMI (AP) - One in four children in the United States is being raised by a single parent - a percentage that has been on the rise and is higher than other developed countries, according to a report released Wednes...The percentage of kids being raised by a single parent is significantly higher in the U.S. than in other countries.

Childhood Self-Control Is a Predictor of Adult Success, Study Shows

Teaching your child self-control now can mean a healthier future. Credit: Getty
Grating as they may be, most of us are inclined to brush off our preschoolers' tantrums as inconsequential, knowing they'll grow out of it one day.
We w...
A study finds kids who had poor self-control were more likely to have problems as adults.

Blinging the Tree, Girl Style

Illustration by Dori Hartley "We don't have to add more bling to the tree," says my mother. "Uh, yes, we do," I say. "God gave the world Christmas trees for the express purpose of blinging. It's in Genesis. I'm sure of it." "It...Once, before the divorce, there was a papa bear here, decorating with us. Now, decorating the tree is a girls-only activity.

Single Parents: How to Create New Holiday Family Traditions

Kathy Kingston and her daughter, Noreen, began creating new holiday traditions when Noreen was a toddler. Credit: Kingston family photo
As a single mom, Kathy Kingston says she strives especially hard to create the magic of the holiday season for...
For many single parents, traditional holiday celebrations are a thing of the past, and they are trying to create new magical moments of peace and joy that bind their new version of family together.

Child of Unwed Mother in '92 Grad Photo to Get Her Diploma

Zoey Gilbert, 18, is about to graduate Ventura High School where her mother Cyndi Gilbert commenced 18 years ago. Credit: Karen Quincy Loberg,
Eighteen years ago, 17-year-old Cyndi Gilbert walked with her classmates to receive her dipl...

Catherine MacLellan Talks Parenting, Divorce and Cool Kids' Tunes

The songs of Catherine MacLellan may sound soft, but they carry a big emotional wallop. The Prince Edward Island-born singer/songwriter has been compared to Joni Mitchell. She shares with that legendary performer an expressive and lyrical sensibilit...

Discharge, Not Court-Martial, for Single Army Mom

Alexis Hutchinson with her son Kamani. Credit: Alexis Hutchinson / AP A single Army mom who refused to follow her unit to Afghanistan because she had no one to care for her infant son will be discharged from the military, but not cou...

Best Advice the Mom Behind Toronto's 'Planet Kid' Ever Got

Sarajane Fillmore is the owner of Planet Kid, a successful kids' clothing boutique located in Toronto's hippest neighbourhood, Roncesvalles Village. Her store is home to a wealth of fabulous Canadian kidswear designers, including herself. She also de...

Part-time parents have it tough

After more than twenty-five years in the business, the shine is definitely off the industry in which I've toiled for so long. And yet, I go to work every morning and trudge through the day, not taking off for Botswana to bum around in an old Land Rov...

Blogger looks for sperm donor online

These days, you can get just about anything on-line. Apparently, "just about anything" includes a sperm donor. I don't know how legitimate this is, but given the purchases made by the Golden Palace Casino, and the recent auctions for young women's vi...

Bridget Moynahan feared motherhood

According to a recent report, actress Bridget Moynahan recently admitted she feared being a single mom and motherhood. Moynahan found out she was pregnant nearly moments after she split with her ex--football superstar Tom Brady. Brady began dati...

Hitting my stride as a single mom

Over the course of my nearly fourteen year union with my ex-husband I dabbled in single motherhood a number of times. The efforts lasted anywhere from three weeks to 18 months. It was as if after a certain amount of time the ails that plagued our rel...

Courtney Love on single parenting a teen

When Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994, he left behind wife Courtney Love and their 2-year-old daughter Frances Bean. Courtney herself has had her ups and downs in the intervening years, but she seems to have cleaned up her act lately and is focu...

Living single

I gotta hand it to single moms--I really don't know how they do it. I've been on my own with my baby for several days now as my husband is out of town on business. While I've managed, even with the endless rain and errands and running errands in t...


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