The upside of single parenting

Two years ago, I expressed ignorant amazement to a friend of mine, a single Mother with a little girl. "I don't know how you do it," I said. I had just had Nolan, and the duties of new parenthood were fraying the very fibre of my soul. I was barely h...

Learning the man tasks

The windows are open on either side of our new home, and even though a breeze trickles through, it's hot. My hair is curling wet on my neck and my feet feel puffy. My Dad's perched up on a step ladder, his neck craned toward the ceiling, fiddling wit...

Dinner for two: take out is cheaper than the grocery store

I try to buy nutritious, healthy food and for the most part I think I do a pretty good job. Saturday night vat of Kozy Shack notwithstanding, I eat a diet fairly rich in fruit, vegetables, dairy, protein and whole grains. And while Nolan does eat the...

"Always Dad: Being a Good Father During and After Divorce"

Like a lot of fathers, Paul Madelstein took his divorce pretty hard. He had three kids, and after splitting with his wife, had to figure out how he could still be a dad even though he no longer lived with his children. There's a number of dads goi...

You get that from your mother

Before I had kids, I remember watching other people crowd around babies, proudly proclaiming that the kid had their uncle's nose, or their 2nd cousin Lilly's eyebrows, or -- oddly -- that he or she had a certain family member's personality. I found...

Parent vs. Parent: Married parenting

At the age of 18, I became a single parent. Raising Christy alone was by far the most difficult thing I have ever done. I loved being a mother, but I often felt lonely, stressed out and in way over my head. I had no social life and spent all of my da...


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