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Lollacup Kids Cup

Lollacups are cute and kid-friendly. Credit: Lollacup
Those bottles are pretty much behind you. But drinking straight from a cup? That's gonna take a little time.
Enter Lollacup, a super-stylish, BPA-free drinking cup with a cool de...
Animal-shaped designs and cool colors make this cup a keeper.

Sippy Cups: Is Your Child Ready?

There are lots of options when it comes to sippy cups. Credit: Getty Images
Sippy cups can be a sanity-saving bridge between the bottle and a cup, and they can give your child a bit of independence at a tender age.
Sometime befo...
Sippy cups come in all different shapes and sizes, here's what you need to know for a good one.

Transitioning From Bottle-Feeding to Sippy Cup

Is it time to get rid of the bottle? Credit: Getty
Whether you're breast-feeding or bottle-feeding your child, deciding when to transition to a sippy cup can be difficult. While the American Academy of Pediatrics encourages breast-feeding unt...

Choosing Straws

Sip safely. Credit: BornFree
Lots of moms count on BornFree for baby products -- including bottles, pacifiers, teethers, and sippy cups -- that are free of BPA, pthalates, and PVC. Happily, this month the company introduces the 14-oz. Twist 'n ...

Suri Cruise STILL sporting a baby bottle

Suri Cruise is nearly two and a half years old. Heaven knows you couldn't forget that if you tried. And while she has more fashion sense than pretty much any other tot on the planet, there is one thing that seems to still give us all pause. No, it's...

Safer sippy cups

Several reports, including this one, have been published about the dangers of industrial chemicals ending up in our children's bodies. Bisphenol-A and plastic softening agents such as phthalates are commonly found in many baby bottles and sippy cups ...

Mabel's Labels help keep track of underwear, allergies

Nolan's stuff goes missing all the time. In the last year, I estimate that I have purchased approximately five million and three pairs of rubber-stamped toddler socks, and all I have to show for that is one frayed red sock and one limp grey sock. The...

Going from the sippy to the cup

When my daughter was about 13-months-old, we had a battle of the wills regarding the sippy cup. Basically, we wanted her to take it and she did not. I have to admit; she got pretty good at throwing the thing at our heads when we offered it to her. No...

Applebee's serves margarita to toddler

I never think to check my daughter's sippy cup when we're out at restaurant. If we ask for water, I assume they'll put water in the cup. Maybe, in a worst-case scenario, they'd screw up and give her juice -- a simple mistake, that certainly wouldn't ...

Lil' Topper bottled water sipper caps

Today seems to be a bit waterlogged. While working on a couple other water-related stories (here and here), I came across these nifty caps. They basically turn a water bottle into a sippy-cup. Only for water. With a standard water bottle. While the k...

Nalgene Grip'n Gulp

If you've done much camping or backpacking, you're probably familiar with Nalgene, the company that makes, in my opinion, the best water bottles you can get. They're sort of the Mercedes-Benz of water bottles -- sure, any old bottle will do, but it s...

Bumpy Labels: never lose your sippy cup again

When my daughter was little we poured through sippy cups at playgroups and the gym nursery and even at my in-law's home where cousins had the same cups. Bumpy Labels would have been helpful at the time, maybe they'll be helpful for you right now. The...

Charlene Prince Birkeland's Favorite Blogging Baby Stories of 2005

This is actually one of the easiest assignments I've ever been asked to complete - I joined the Blogging Baby team in mid-December so I have a narrow selection from which to pick my best stories! But I do have favorites, and they start with my boys. ...


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