Sisters Give Birth to Babies in Same Hospital On Same Day

Credit: Corbis
Sarah Mattson, 25, wasn't supposed to deliver her baby the same day she watched her big sister give birth to her own child, but that's just what happened. Family birthday parties may never be the same.
The Orange Coun...
Sister witnesses her nephew's birth, then delivers her own baby hours later.

Two Sisters Rule When it Comes to Family Harmony, Study Finds

Two sisters make for the most harmonious family life. Credit: Getty Images
There may be something to the old schoolyard chant "Girls rule, boys drool!"
The U.K. website Bounty reports that it studied 2,116 families with different co...
A report shows that two girls makes "for the most harmonious family life as they are unlikely to fight, will play nicely and are generally a pleasure to be around."
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Can I Give My Daughters the "Same" Name?

My 2-year-old daughter's name is Elizabeth. Since Isabella is the Spanish version of the name Elizabeth, should I not name my new baby Isabella? The two names sound and look completely different to me, but will this create a lifelong problem for my...Don't we all create lifelong problems for our children?

Big or Little, Sisters Help Ward off Depression

Sisters Serena and Venus Williams are partners on and off the court. Credit: Anja Niedringhaus/AP
She may be bossy or annoying and she might steal your clothes, but having a sister, whether older or younger, helps kids ward off the blues. A re...

Should Brother and Sister Share a Bedroom?

From birth through high school, my sister and I shared a bedroom while our brother enjoyed his own room down the hall. We resented his good fortune but never questioned the idea that he, as a boy, should not be sharing a room with us. Brothers and si...

One is the happiest number?

When I was growing up, just about every kid I knew had two siblings. My best friend, the kids I went to school with, and the neighbor kids were all growing up with two other kids in their house. I don't know where this three-kid quota came from, but ...

Twin sisters give birth to triplets

After two attempts at IVF failed, Darla Pritchard's twin sister Dana wasn't leaving anything to chance. She offered to improve her sister's odds at a successful pregnancy by being a gestational carrier (commonly called a surrogate). Darla and her hus...

Twins aren't twins

Imagine being on the pill and then finding out you're pregnant. That would be quite a shock, I'm sure. Now imagine it happens twice. I suppose one might start to get a bit upset with the pharmaceutical company. But what if it happened twice, in three...

Sisters visit dead mother in funeral home for ten years

When Josephine and Valmai Lamas' mother passed away, the death report showed she died from an embolism from a leg vein thrombosis. The sisters weren't happy with this determination and asked the funeral parlor to hold off burying her until they could...

Twisted sister

My sister is older than me by three and half years. Our relationship has never been stronger as we are both lucky enough to benefit from our father's recent building of a cottage, which we find ourselves at every weekend, including the one just past,...

Twins pics on Slate!!!

This slide show of photos was simply too cute to not share with you. It's all pictures of twins! Some of the pictures are pretty old, which makes them all the more fascinating. Some of them are simply so beautiful they must be viewed. I don't kno...

Image of the Day: In a sister's hands

In keeping with our July theme of Love, kisses and sugar, Reluctant Suburbanite sent us this gorgeous shot of her two girls. I love everything about this shot: the whimsical smiles, the way the girls are holding each other and the feeling of love tha...

Mentally preparing for the family visit

For some time now, my sister has been threatening to bring her entire family for a visit. When I say threatening, I am joking of course. Mostly. My sister has four children ranging in age from 3 to 16 and her parenting style is pretty laid back. I gu...

Blogging Baby Photo Essay: Sunny Sunday at the park

It was a gloriously sunny Sunday today and so we packed up the girlies and headed off to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California. Come on along with us! Bunny loves the "curly slide." Wallie doing it all on her own. On the swings, ...


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