Have You Heard of the Christmas Countdown?

Ah, the World Wide Web. It brings people, information and cultures together like nothing else ever has, and probably ever will. The mysteries and magic of the unknown cease to be, replaced by the infinite possibilities of knowledge. The Internet can...

Searching for a nanny - on Craigslist?

Recently we all got a good laugh, intentional or not, from a mom who posted on Craigslist looking for a nanny. For those of you unfamiliar with Craigslist, it's a now international site where one can post or look for anything from a job to household...

Snippy cards for every occasion

Ever looking for just the right card that expresses just how you feel but coming up with nothing? Well, then, this site may be just what you were looking for, especially if what you want to say is snotty. The site, PrettyBitter, has a special way of...


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