Common Allergy Culprits in Children

Dear Karla, My son has eczema all over his face and very bad asthma. Do you think it could be the milk he is drinking? Amanda Amanda, In Canada, 12 - 25 per cent of children suffer from eczema, with 90 per cent of cases occurring before a chi...

When is a Birthmark Cause for Concern?

My new daughter has a tiny little red dot under her nose, right between her nostrils. She's had it since she was born (she is now six weeks old). I'm assuming that, if it doesn't go away, it will be a birthmark. This mark is small and I am not ove...

Post-pregnancy acne

You know how women who've had babies are always telling women who haven't had babies that there are all these things "They" don't tell you about pregnancy, birth, etc.? And by "They" I mean the professionals--doctors, OBs, all of 'em. Well, it's t...

Study says you shouldn't bath your kids every day

Nolan has a bath every night. He plays hard, my son, and invariably finishes the day with dirt in his fingernails and random food caught in his hair. But even on the rare occasions he isn't a walking Pigpen, he still seems to enjoy the ritual. Bath t...

Is that sunscreen really doing the job?

Our neighborhood pool will open this weekend and we are all ready with new swim suits, floats and sunscreen. I am proud to say that Ellie and I went to the pool almost every day last summer and not once did either of us get sunburned. But this articl...

Torturing my child

Yesterday, I had to take Jared to the dermatologist. It turns out that he has pretty dry skin which is the perfect habitat for an annoying little virus called molluscum contagiosum. Basically, he's got bumps on his skin. Generally, it resolves itself...

Twins, but definitely not identical

When I was in high school, I hung around with a couple of brothers who, I found out later, happened to be adopted and genetically unrelated. This floored me and the rest of the gang, not because we saw anything bad about it or anything, but because w...


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