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Bullies Apparently Have Trouble Sleeping at Night

No wonder bullies are grumpy! Credit: Getty Images
You have to wonder how school bullies sleep at night.
Actually (heh heh), they don't. Researchers at the University of Michigan Medical School say bullies are twice as likely to hav...
Are kids bullies because they're tired? Or are they tired because they're bullies?

After-Hours Texting and Media Use May Cause More Than Sleep Problems in Kids, Study Finds

If your kids wake up bleary-eyed every day and you're concerned they may have a sleep problem, you may want to take a look at exactly what they're doing after the lights go out. Children who sneak time on their cell phones, computers and other...OMG, parents, it's time to take away your teen's cell at night. Sleep is nothing to LOL about.

Disease Makes Girl, 15, a Real 'Sleeping Beauty'

Louisa Ball's life is no fairy tale, but the Worthington, England, girl gets a lot of beauty sleep thanks to a disease called Kleine-Levin Syndrome, where sufferers can fall into deep sleeps that can last for weeks, according to the Daily Mail....

Behavior tonsil-adnoid surgery linked

I know studies are annoying and often contradictory, but I've long suspected that a lot (not all) of behavioral issues in kids can be traced to lack of sleep or sleep disorders. A University of Michigan study found a strong correlation between remova...


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