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Poor Body Image Means Sleep-Deprivation, Carb Cravings for Teen Girls, Study Finds

Study finds correlation between sleep and body image. Credit: Getty Images Teen girls have struggled with their appearances for decades, but new research shows it's not just peer pressure that's contributing to their body image battles...Girls who worry about being skinny can't sleep and, as a result, eat more carbs.

Best Advice the Mom Behind Toronto's 'Planet Kid' Ever Got

Sarajane Fillmore is the owner of Planet Kid, a successful kids' clothing boutique located in Toronto's hippest neighbourhood, Roncesvalles Village. Her store is home to a wealth of fabulous Canadian kidswear designers, including herself. She also de...

DailyDish - White noise is magic

Do you put your baby to bed, only to have her wake with a start when you step on a squeaky floorboard? Here's a tip for you....

DailyDish: Soothing sleepy sounds

Sometimes all a kid needs to get a good night's sleep is a little noise....


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