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Sweet Dreams for Baby Just a Click Away

A new baby sleep study is opening eyes for parents -- while baby's eyes close. Credit: Getty Images "Sleep, baby, sleep" is a mantra for many moms and dads who share one thing in common: They aren't getting any sleep, themselves. ...Get expert advice on putting baby to sleep with this website.

New from Muu

Muu cribs are eco-safe and stylish. Credit: Muu
The genius of Muu's Ray crib lies not in its appealing mid-century style, nor its sustainable materials or nontoxic finishes. Those features are enticing, but It's the interchangeable decorative p...

Would you leave a sleeping baby...only for a minute?

I could feel the telltale thud starting on the left side of my temple, and with growing dread I could feel my mouth dry out, my stomach churn, nauseous. I've been getting migraines my whole life, and I knew that a doozy was coming on. I drank three ...


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