Secondhand Smoke at Home Increases Risk of ADHD in Kids, Study Finds

Credit: Laurent Fievet, AFP/Getty Images
If you're still smoking, here's yet another reason to quit: Exposing kids to secondhand smoke at home puts them at a 50 percent greater risk of developing ADHD or other behavioral disorders.
You may be putting your kid at risk of developing ADHD if you smoke at home.

British Mother Glad She Chain-Smoked During Pregnancy

Credit: Joe Raedle, Getty Images
If you want to have strong and healthy baby, smoke at least 3,500 cigarettes while you're pregnant.
Sure, your doctor will tell you smoking during pregnancy puts your baby at an i...
Woman says cutting off oxygen to her womb made her baby strong.

Babies of Smoking Moms Born to Gasp and Wheeze

Women who smoke are more likely to have children with asthma. Credit: Getty Images
You don't have to be a smoker to gasp and wheeze like one.
All you need is a mother who ignored the warnings and smoked when she was pregnant with yo...
Researchers link smoking while pregnant to children's asthma.

Teens Crusade to Stomp Out Smoking in Chicago-Area Public Parks

Illinois teens are working to prohibit tobacco use in public parks. Credit: Getty Images Nothing like taking a springtime escape outside to the park with your kids, only to end up plucking cigarette butts from the bottom of their gym s...Illinois teens are working to prohibit tobacco use in public parks.

Rich Teens Drink More, While Poor Teens Choose to Smoke, Study Shows

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Teen smoking and drinking is tied to parents' wealth, a new study finds. Credit: Getty Teens just want to have fun and, if you're a rich kid -- think Tom Cruise in "Risky Business" -- when the fo...
Turns out affluence and alcohol consumption go hand-in-hand for the teen set.

Smoking in the Media

As the overall rates of new smokers are declining, cigarette manufacturers have resorted to product placement and print ads to get a new generation hooked on tobacco. Credit: Corbis 4,000 teens taking up smoking every day may sound lik...As the overall rates of new smokers are declining, cigarette manufacturers have resorted to product placement and print ads to get a new generation hooked on tobacco.

Do You Talk to Your Kids About Smoking Cigarettes?

Even "Smoking Baby" Ardi Rizal has kicked the habit. Credit: Ahamd Naafi, AFP/Getty Images In Kentucky, there's a smokers' quit line that specifically targets teenagers. One teen told WSAZ News Channel 3 that he had been smoking since ...In Kentucky, there's a smoker's quit line that specifically targets teenagers.

Parents' Smoking Can Increase Children's Blood Pressure

Secondhand smoke can cause high blood pressure in young kids. Credit: Getty Forget about lung cancer causing harm in the distant future. Your smoking may hurt your child before he hits grade school. A new study shows breathing tob...Another reason to quit smoking: You could be giving your young kids high blood pressure.

Should the Government Do More to Stop Kids From Smoking?

Should Uncle Sam keep your kid from lighting up? Credit: Corbis By now we all know that smoking is bad for your health. But some believe that the government should do more to prevent children from ever taking a puff. A recent editori...

Do the New Cigarette Warning Labels Go Too Far?

One of 36 new proposed FDA cigarette warning labels is pictured. The FDA will pick nine images to accompany warning statements, which will be mandatory on all cigarettes beginning in October 2012. Illustration by FDA Via Getty Images T...

Tune Out: Pediatricians Issue New Guidelines for Entertainment Media

The AAP says to limit your kid's screen time to two hours a day. Credit: Getty Images
Quick: How many gadgets does your kid have? Between iPods, computers, handheld games, televisions, video games and the like, we're guessing it's hard to keep...
Average kids spends more than seven hours a day watching TV and using computers, phones and other electronic devices for entertainment. The only thing they spend more time doing? Sleeping.

One Truly Smokin' Babe Comes Home From Rehab

A 2-year-old chain smoker just came home from rehab. Break out the baby book -- it's time to start a new page. While most parents forever cherish the first time their toddler gets out of rehab, th...

Cigarette Advertising in Stores Can Light Up Teen Smoking, Study Shows

Do ads make kids light up? Credit: Getty Images
We know teens can be impressionable. In fact, a new study shows that axiom is so true that simply seeing advertisements for smoking increases the odds a teenager will pick up the habit. Childr...

Tobacco Candy Poisoning Kids, Study Shows

Smoking isn't the only way to get a nicotine fix. Credit: zombieite, Flikr
Guess what, kids? Smoking may be bad for you, but now you can get your tobacco in candy form! That's the message that seems to be coming from the tobacco companies ...

Teens Turn to Dangerous Healthy Glows and Contraband Cigarettes

Prom season is right around the corner, but if your teen is looking for a "glow" to go with her fierce new dress, you might want to think twice: The Ontario Medical Association is urging a ban on tanning beds for those under 18. There is a new optio...


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