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Need a Snow Day Activity? Make Snow Ice Cream!

If you live in the Midwest, you might be home with the kids today, since much of this part of the country is having a blast of snowy weather and some parts are under blizzard warnings. Who doesn't love snow days? It's fun to be indoors, warm and c...Snow ice cream adds yummy fun to a day spent at home.

Sixth Grader Creates Accurate Snow Day Predictor

David Sukhin has bever been wrong when predicting when his school would get a snow day. Credit: Associated Press On the next snowy day, don't wait for the official announcement to find out if your child's school will be closed. Just ...The New Jersey student has never been wrong when predicting when his school would be closed.

Five Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Winter

Make cookies for a cookie swap. Credit: Getty Images This year, when Dec. 21 rolls around, why not celebrate the first day of winter with fun activities that can become your family's tradition? Here are five entertaining ways to usher ...Why not celebrate the first day of winter with fun activities that can become your family's tradition?

Snow Day! 15 Fun Activities to Entertain When Class is Canceled

Plan fun activities to make the most of a snow day. Credit: MGShelton, Flickr
Snow days are a cause of celebration for kids, but can pose problems for parents. There's no need to worry: When classes are canceled, a little creativity and smart pla...

President Obama Complains About a Snow Day

The Chicago-grown Obama family have only lived in Washington, D.C. for a few weeks, but already they're noticing a few differences. Sidwell Friends, Malia and Sasha's school, was closed today for a snow day.
Sasha and Malia Obama Malia ...

Whiling Away a Snowy Day

ParentDish is pleased to welcome Rene Syler to our team. Rene hosted CBS news' The Early Show from 2002 - 2006; she is the author of The Good Enough Mother, and is currently at work on her second book. You can spend more time with Rene at her web...

Snow Play for a Snow Day

We had two snow days in a row last week, unusual for us in early December. The snowfall so far this year has been heavy, suggesting there will be plenty more opportunities this winter to sleep in, ditch the routine for the day, and play in the s...

Chickens run amok at Philadelphia high school

Students at Northeast High School in Philadelphia are somewhat accustomed to snow days, but yesterday they got a day off for a very different reason. It seems that when workers arrived in the early morning hours to open up the school building, they g...

Teens spend snow day playing on icey highway

I grew up in Cleveland, where it snowed. Every winter. A lot. Every year you could more or less count on at least two or three weeks of really good sledding weather. But for kids in Central Texas, where I live now, snow days come once in a lifetime -...


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