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Great Family Entertainment for Snow Days

After they've come in from the snow, cuddle up with these movies, games and more. Credit: Vadim Ghirda, AP Last year it was the "snowpocalypse." This year's it's "snowmageddon." Whatever you call it, the extreme weather immobilizing ...Keep your family entertained when snow keeps them indoors.

Snow Day! 15 Fun Activities to Entertain When Class is Canceled

Plan fun activities to make the most of a snow day. Credit: MGShelton, Flickr
Snow days are a cause of celebration for kids, but can pose problems for parents. There's no need to worry: When classes are canceled, a little creativity and smart pla...

Ice, Ice Baby!

When Thomas Paine wrote, "These are the time times that try men's souls" he was talking about the beginning of the American Revolution. However, Mr. Paine could have just as easily been describing what the upcoming week has in store for parents liv...

Working moms and snow days

I'm extremely fortunate to have a job I can do from home, especially during a freaky winter like the one we've had so far, where as one storm finishes up and everything has been shoveled, another rolls in. (A big one is predicted to hit tonight!) We'...

Wii Games that should be invented

My kids have had school called off because of poor weather three times this week, and you know what? It's been pretty great! I've gotten to sleep in a bunch, have had help around the house, and the kids have barely tried to kill each other. I attrib...

Snow days mean winter theme books!

We've had so many days off school due to snowy conditions, no one can even keep track anymore. (Four? Five? Has it been a week?!) I've learned from experience that an extra cold snow day is the ideal time to pull the winter-theme books from storage....

Snow day! The words every kid wants to hear.

This morning we got one of the best phone calls in the world, or so my son thinks. At 6:06 a.m. my phone rang with the news that there would be no school today, at least for my son. (My daughter attends a public charter school where there will be sch...


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