Koobli: The New Snuggie for the Parenting Set

Come on, now, we've all experienced one of those evenings where we're all dressed up for a rare night out, but, before the baby-sitter arrives, we must first make sure the kids scarf down their spaghetti with their hands. OK, so maybe kids onl...Finally, a bib big enough to cover Mom and Dad!

Watch Your Open Back, Snuggie - Forever Lazy Adult Onesie is Making Its Move

Ever stare longingly at your baby's cozy little onesie and wish they made that snuggle-bug style for grown-ups? Enter the Forever Lazy, "the one-piece, lie around, lounge around, full body lazy wear." A new twist on the infomercial fave Snuggi...Feeling lazy? How about spending the day in an adult onesie?

Sing in the New Year, ParentDish Style

An Auld Dilemma (To Auld Lang Syne) Should park acquaintance be forgot Because I hate her guts? Or do I go back to the park And act like she's not nuts? I met here there beneath a tree As she fed her son, Nobel, A Whole Foods grape cut in six...

Share Your Mother's Day Horror Stories!

Nothing says "Happy Mother's Day" like a Snuggie -- unless it's a half-pound bag of strawberry Twizzlers. Photo by p2squared on Flickr.
Looking forward to Mother's Day was one of the best parts of being pregnant -- a day just to honor me! And cr...

Bathing with Baby, Scary Books, and Playmobil - Links We Love

Co-bathing with your kid: When does it become inappropriate? The advice seems to be that it's time to stop when either one of you feel weird about it. -- MomLogic Parents have the Snuggie, now babies have their own version of the wearable blanket ...


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