It's a Soda a Day for 1 in 4 Teens, CDC Survey Finds

Credit: George Doyle, Getty Images
"Mom, I'm so thirsty! Can you please pass the milk?"
Not a request most parents of teens expect to hear, but, according to the Centers for Disease Control, the most favored drinks among American te...
While many teens are still drinking soda, the amount of teens who consume it has dropped in the past 10 years.

A Soda Substitute for Teens, from Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz reveals a healthy soda substitute for teenagers.
Don't miss from Marlo Thomas and Dr.Oz: You Don't Need All That Water, from Dr. Oz How much water should you really be drinking daily? Dr. Oz debunks the eight glasses a day myth...
Dr. Oz reveals a healthy soda substitute for teenagers.

Hey, Kid, Coffee, Red Bull or Coke? Kindergartners Chugging Caffeine Drinks

Coffee is becoming a buzz kill. Credit: Getty Images
It might be time for parents of kindergartners to be buzz kills -- literally -- if they want their 5-year-olds to get any shut eye. Caffeinated drinks are the beverage du jour...
Kids ages 5-7 are drinking the equivalent of a Coke every day.

Caffeine Linked to Sleep Issues, but Most Kids Drink it Daily

Decrease the buzz, increase the Zzzs. Credit: Melanie Conner/Getty Images Baffled by your child's sleep issues? Try cutting the caffeine. A survey of the parents of more than 200 children between the ages of 5 and 12 showed that more...A new study found that the more caffeine kids drank, the less they slept.

Think Your Kids Kicked the Soda Habit? Better Check School's Cafeteria, Survey Says

Soda and other high calorie beverages are widely available to elementary school kids. Credit: Spencer Platt, Getty Images
If you think your kid's diet is soda-free because you've banished the drinks from your refrigerator, you may want to take a ...
Is your child drinking milk or soda at school? You might be surprised.

Soda Maker Gives You Fizzle Fo' Shizzle

Fizz-It-Yourself. Credit: SodaStream
Put an end to fizz that goes flat in the fridge. Save money, time and the environment with the SodaStream Jet Fountain soda maker, which turns tap water into seltzer or soda in fewer than 30 seconds. Just...

Young Girls Who Drink Soda Are Less Healthy as Adolescents, Study Shows

Sip safely. Credit: Getty Images
We know soda may not be the most nutritious choice when it comes to beverages, but a recent study shows girls who drink soda as young children have less healthy diets through adolescence than their peers who pas...

Sling Recalls, YouTube Stars, Super Spellers and More

Each Friday, we dish out the best news stories of the week to help keep you in the loop. As seems to be the trend in recent weeks, Canadian parents have been faced with more recalls on popular baby products. Infantino recalled their SlingRider and...

Sippy Cup Full of Soda -- How Bad?

"Is it just me or is every child in a stroller at this mall drinking biggie-sized soft drinks? I mean, it's practically in their sippy cups." Looking around the mall ... my friend seems to be right about this. Hmm... How bad is soda for kids? To...

Getting Rid of Junk Food: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

A study published in the Health Education & Behavior journal looked at six middle schools over a two year period. In three of these schools the snacks offered did not change, but did so in the other three schools in Connecticut. Snacks that did...

Kids Drinks - The Good, the Bad, and the Sugary

Ah, the soft drink aisle. Shelves and shelves stacked with bubbly and brightly colored liquids, all seemingly engineered to attract children. Milk? Forget it. Water? How can that compete with a sweet and slippery orange drink that promises a taste ex...

NY Governor Wants to Tax Soda

New York State Gov. David Patterson proposed this week that all non-diet sodas be taxed, as part of his $121 million budget plan for 2009. Patterson's so called "obesity tax" would levy a 15 percent tax on carbonated drinks like Coca-Cola. The tax...

Diet Coke gets a little healthier

Did you know that Diet Coke isn't the healthiest beverage choice for your kids? No? Well, surprise, surprise, it isn't. At least it wasn't. It seems that Diet Coke -- a staple in our house -- contains sodium benzoate, a preservative that prevents mol...

Too much candy gets Grandma banned

A woman in Scotland has won the right to see her grandchildren, after being banned by the children's mother -- her own daughter. The reason for being cut-off? Too much candy. The mother claimed that Grandma would show up with bags full of sweets and ...

Students sell banned junk food from their lockers like drugs

Like the high school version of prohibition, students are reacting to junk food bans at their schools by establishing black market operations for trafficking the goods under the administration's radar. Soda? Chips? Chocolate bars? Just when you thoug...


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