Think Your Kids Kicked the Soda Habit? Better Check School's Cafeteria, Survey Says

Soda and other high calorie beverages are widely available to elementary school kids. Credit: Spencer Platt, Getty Images
If you think your kid's diet is soda-free because you've banished the drinks from your refrigerator, you may want to take a ...
Is your child drinking milk or soda at school? You might be surprised.

Sippy Cup Full of Soda -- How Bad?

"Is it just me or is every child in a stroller at this mall drinking biggie-sized soft drinks? I mean, it's practically in their sippy cups." Looking around the mall ... my friend seems to be right about this. Hmm... How bad is soda for kids? To...

NY Governor Wants to Tax Soda

New York State Gov. David Patterson proposed this week that all non-diet sodas be taxed, as part of his $121 million budget plan for 2009. Patterson's so called "obesity tax" would levy a 15 percent tax on carbonated drinks like Coca-Cola. The tax...


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