McDonald's, Wendy's Kids Meals Top Physician Group's Least Wanted List

Maybe you should rethink dinner tonight ... Credit: Ben Stansall, AFP / Getty Images
McDonald's calls it a Mighty Kids Meal. But really, kids, how mighty are you going to be when your arteries are clogged and you've lost all feeling on the lef...

Lentil Vegetable Soup Recipe

Try this tasty, protein-rich dish. It's perfect for anyone - even if you're not vegetarian. Lentils are an amazing source of fibre, and add great taste and texture to many soups. Supermarket and restaurant soups can be loaded with enough salt to...

Gerber Toddler Meals Get The 'Salt Lick' Treatment

In a fast-paced world where whipping up daily meals from scratch is a challenge for most parents, it can be tempting to reach for the convenience of packaged foods. But the next time you consider that processed toddler meal, you may want to think Ger...

Salt: Safe or Scary?

Should you be worried about your child's salt intake? EraPhernalia Vintage (catching up), Flickr
The latest nutritional bogeyman is partially hydrogenated oil, also called trans-fat. Hello, increased risk of heart disease! But what about salt,...

Campbell's to reduce sodium in kids soups

Last night when Ellie and I went out to dinner, we had some chips and salsa for an appetizer. I noticed right away that the chips on the top had a lot of salt on them, so I dug underneath to find some less-seasoned ones. I also noticed right away tha...


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