Soldiers' Surprise Homecomings Video Makes Us Bawl Our Eyes Out

It's always emotional when you return from a week-long business trip, hug your child and she tells you how much she missed you. But what if you're a soldier posted in a warzone, and you surprise your child with your homecoming? Bring on the tears...

Boy's Birthday Present is Soldier Dad

Gabriel Hurles thought his mom's homemade cupcakes were going to be the high point of kindergarten party celebrating his sixth birthday. But that was before the Dayton, NV, boy noticed a huge 4-foot box with multicolored balloon wrapping paper in the...

Military giving high school drop-outs a second chance

The war in Iraq has strained America's military to the point where qualified new recruits are getting harder to come by. A high school diploma is a requirement in all branches of the military, but now the military is aiming to bring high-school dropo...


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