They Might Be Giants' 123s coming to a DVD near you

Back in January, Parent Dish's very own Jonathon Morgan reviewed They Might Be Giants "Here Come the ABCs." Obviously, the CD was pretty good; Jonathon gave it a 9 out of 10. Well, for all you TMBG fans, the ABCs have some competition. They're coming...

Audra Rox really does rock

One thing I really like about having the television channel Noggin is that we get to see Jack's Big Music Show. Why? Because, even though I'm totally not hip in real life, thanks to JBMS, I am totally down with what the kids in the sand box are liste...

A dad's cry for Christmas help!

I don't know a about kid's music. I'll admit it. Everything we own is something I've just stumbled upon, and it's always some high-pitched set of do-gooders singing about giving hugs and loving one another. The thought of purchasing more of this musi...

Letting go of a golden part of babyhood: the nap

My two year-old son, Devon, is developing and growing by leaps and bounds every single day. Most of the time I welcome the growth, it is such an honor to witness. But one of the changes I have long dreaded is finally here: the disappearance of the na...

Boobahs or Teletubbies?

My toddler, Devon, is not a huge television fan. The one show he does enjoy, and will sit through, is Teletubbies. Their benign sounds, soft actions and the repetition of their dances, songs or dialogs seem to appeal to his current developmental stag...


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