British Soccer Star Has Ultrasound Party

Coleen and Wayne Rooney shared their ultrasound with friends and family. Credit: X17online
For most, childbirth and everything leading up to it is a private affair. For others, it's a public display of affection. Wayne and Coleen Rooney, a f...

Technology Lets Parents 'Hold' Unborn Baby

New technology takes ultrasound imaging to the next level. Image:
Since the 1980's, the use of ultrasound technology has become commonplace in the obstetrician's office. Using sound waves to create an image, the information doesn't just he...

Same Sex Marriage, Diaper Emergencies, and Messy Bedrooms - Links We Love

We all know the Internet is chock full of helpful advice. One dad even used it to learn how to deliver his own baby when his wife went into labor. Can you imagine his Google search? "Wife in labor ... halp!" -- CafeMom Iowa's Supreme Court upholds...

British woman thinks she has cancer, but it's a baby

After feeling a hard lump in her abdomen, a 57-year-old British woman went to the doctor. Fearing a cancer diagnosis, she scheduled a sonogram. Imagine her surprise when the diagnosis was quite different: She was pregnant with her first child. The...

When pregnancy is more horrifying than Saw

I remember the first time I got pregnant. It was such a fairytale, that whole experience. I felt so beautiful, so womanly. I felt so alive and energized and ready to take on the world. The transformation of my body, my outlook, my everything, was s...

Pregnancy 2, electric boogaloo

Well, if there is one thing I have to say about the second round of pregnancy, it's that those digital pregnancy tests really work. I mean, they're accurate. Say what you will about the faint blue line, but when I forked over what seemed like a ki...


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