Soothe Baby on a Clothes Dryer? Bad Idea, Hospital Says

Soothe your baby, but not with a clothes dryer. Credit: Getty Images Fed up with driving your baby around for hours every night until he falls asleep? Quebec-based home furnishings chain Brault and Martineau has a much better suggestio...Clothes dryers should be used for drying clothes, not to stop babies from crying.

Teething Remedies

The trauma of teething must be so traumatic for a little babe.  I ponder the searing pain at the top of my mouth when I bite into a too-hot piece of pizza, or the awful feeling of a scratch in my gum from some overzealous chewing and I think - m...

10 Ways to Soothe Your Home, courtesy Mothering Magazine

I try really hard to make our home a sanctuary.  To me, a house should be a place that makes you feel peaceful, not just a structure to shelter you from the weather.  I'm not saying that my home is museum-perfect -- far from it:  I do ...


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