Common Allergy Culprits in Children

Dear Karla, My son has eczema all over his face and very bad asthma. Do you think it could be the milk he is drinking? Amanda Amanda, In Canada, 12 - 25 per cent of children suffer from eczema, with 90 per cent of cases occurring before a chi...

Help! My Teenager Is Going Vegan

Dear Karla, My teenager daughter has decided to follow a group of her friends and skip out on all items that come from animal meat. I am OK if she cuts back a bit, but myself grew up with agriculture all around me, so am a bit confused. Because she ...

Soy - Safe or Scary?

Right now, soy may be the single most controversial food on store shelves. Some studies say soy prevents cancer. Some say it causes cancer. FDA-approved health claims on food packages trumpet how soy lowers cholesterol. But some researchers say the e...

Did Jamie Lynn Spears Have Lipo While Pregnant?

Rumor has it that Jamie Lynn Spears has undergone a new treatment to suck the fat right out of her. Both the Enquirer and Star magazines are claiming Spears underwent the procedure. Trouble is, each is reporting a different time frame for the treatm...

Rebecca Romijn's pregnancy cravings

Television and film star Rebecca Romijn has opened up about her pregnancy cravings. The Ugly Betty actress recently announced she and husband Jerry O'Connell are expecting twins, and the cravings brought on by them can't be ignored. According to Rom...

Eating soy linked to lowered sperm count

Whether you're already a dad or thinking of becoming one, if you're a man who's part of a couple that's trying to conceive, you might just want to lay off soy for a while. A recent small study found that men who consume even small amounts of soy e...

Summer fairs and food allergies

Depending on who you talk to, Summer officially started yesterday evening. In short order, the street fairs and other summer festivals are set to make their debuts, if they haven't already. Amidst all the fun, thrills and excitement, the lights and ...

Nail polish for pregnant moms

Gosh, I need a manicure. Since like, at least a few months before I got pregnant--the first time. Between getting pregnant, being pregnant, breastfeeding, getting freaked out by everything I've read about toxins in nail polish and getting pregnant...


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