Mom's Spanking Fuels Toddler's Aggression

Dear AdviceMama, I take care of twin 18-month-olds, a boy and girl. The mom has started "disciplining" them with spanks and timeouts. As a result, the girl frowns and hits -- I feel she is acting out what she sees, and trying to process it...
True discipline isn't about punishment; it's about teaching children right from wrong with patience and understanding.

Study Attempts Accurate Portrait of Spanking

70 percent of college-educated women spank their kids while 90 percent of all parents believe in the practice. Credit: Getty Images
Sometimes you have to smack a kid.
Sure, some liberal hippie parents pitch a fit whenever a kid is s...
Real-world incidents of corporal punishment discreetly recorded.

Judge to Mom: 'You Don't Spank Children'

To spank or not to spank? At least one judge says don't even go there. No, Rosalina Gonzales wasn't put behind bars for spanking her toddler, but prosecutors and a judge in Corpus Christie, Texas, let it be known that whacking a kid on the r...Judge tells mom spanking is not OK in today's parenting world.

Bill Requiring Schools to Get Parents' Permission Before Spanking Kids Passes Texas House

Some 40 Texas school districts -- including Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington -- already ban paddling. Credit: Getty Images
Oh, c'mon on, is this Texas or Mister Rogers' Neighborhood?
A bill before the Texas Legislature would require...
Texas debates the property etiquette for whupping a kid's backside.

Spanking Outlawed in New Mexico: No Ifs, Ands or Butts

This isn't the '50s anymore! Credit: Getty Images "Talking out of turn, that's a paddling," a substitute teacher tells Lisa's third-grade class in an episode of "The Simpsons." "Looking out the window, that's paddling. Staring at my sa...New Mexico joins 30 states in banning "board" of education.

Depressed Dads Spank Kids More Often, Study Shows

A new study finds 7 percent of dads of 1-year-olds are depressed. Credit: Getty With so much focus on maternal post-partum depression, it's easy to overlook the mental health of fathers, but a new study shows depressed dads also are le...Depressed dadswere nearly four times more likely to report spanking their child.

Parents Irate as New School Administrator Advocates Spanking in a Church Sermon

Silas Coellner says you should start spanking your kids as soon as they're crawling. Credit: John Wilcox, Boston Herald
Oh, children start off all sweet and innocent. Then they start moving under their own steam, and that's when they come up...

Opinion: Latest Spanking Study Will Have Zero Effect on Parents

When I read that a recent study found spanking makes children more aggressive, my first thought was maybe this will convince parents that spanking is a bad idea. Then I woke up. Whenever a study about spanking is released, I am surprised by t...

Spanking Makes Children More Aggressive, Study Shows

A swat today could mean lots of timeouts later, new research shows. Credit: Corbis
If you think spanking a child makes him more belligerent, while your spouse believes it teaches discipline, you may just have the upper hand in the debate. A new...

Researcher Says a Little Spanking Is Good for Kids

Can spanking make a child more successful? Credit: jupiterimages
To succeed in life, you have to start at the bottom. Marjorie Gunnoe means that literally. She's a psychology professor at Calvin College, a Christian liberal arts school in Gran...

Children Raised on Tough Love Are More Successful, Study Shows

How would you handle this situation? A British study says tough love is best. Credit: mattdm, Flickr
Are you too nice to your kids? A British think tank released a report that says children brought up on tough love are more successful. The rep...

Spanking Lowers IQ, According to Study

Spanking lowers IQ points, a study found. Credit: cogdogblog, Flickr
Spanking children can cost them IQ points, according to a recent study by Murray A. Straus, a sociology professor at the University of New Hampshire. Straus found that children ...

Would You Bust a Bad Mother?

Liv Tyler stepped up to help a crying kid -- would you? Photo: Getty Images
Actress Live Tyler recently found herself in a situation that I'll bet many of you have been in as well: She witnessed a woman losing her temper with a child in public...

Kate Gosselin Caught Spanking Daughter - On Camera

Kate Gosselin believes in spanking -- do you? Photo credit: Getty Images.
In a dazzling display of poor judgment, Kate Gosselin managed to be photographed spanking one of her sextupets over the weekend. The spanking took place after 5-year-old...

Lose Your Temper, Lose Your Kid

Every parent worries about being a good enough mom or dad, and we all make mistakes. But could a simple mistake be the reason our kids get taken away?
She was having a difficult morning and her eight-year-old son wasn't helping matters by refus...


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