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Children With Autism Learn Life Skills at School's Coffee Shop

Kids with autism learn life and business skills by running their own coffee shop. Credit: Getty Images Across the country, parents of children with autism regularly battle local school districts to secure the best possible education fo...At a New Jersey middle school, children with autism or multiple learning disabilities step out of the classroom and into the business world on Friday mornings when they run their own coffee shop.

Blind Students Learn Alongside Sighted Classmates

A new way to look at teaching blind children. Photo: ABC News
For children who are visually impaired, going to preschool often means being separated from their sighted peers. Attending special schools with adapted curriculum and classrooms, th...

Dolls with special needs cause controversy

Though I spent a dozen years working in special education classrooms with preschoolers and toddlers, it never once crossed my mind that the dolls my students were playing with in the housekeeping area often looked nothing like the kids themselves. Th...

Special ed...for profit?

The worlds of for-profit business and education seem almost fundamentally at odds. However, one man has managed to bring special ed services to almost 8,000 students -- and he's making money in the process. Mark Claypool used to be a social worker, b...

Blind students required to take driver's ed

And I thought driver's ed was pointless for me? Chicago Public Schools require all sophomores to take a 10-week-drivers education course and pass a written test. Even if you're visually impaired and will never be allowed behind the wheel of a car. Th...


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