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Lemonade Stand Tips: Top 7 Tips for Success

Six-year-old Jackson Parks raised $15,800 at his charitable lemonade stand. Photo courtesy of Jordan Parks.
Tart or sweet, lemonade sells. Especially when stirred and poured by a cute and industrious neighborhood kid. Kid-run lemonade stands h...

Opinion: Disabled Children Should Be Allowed the Dignity of Losing

We learn more from our defeats than our victories. Pardon the cliche. No doubt you've heard it before. You hear it a lot when you're a child -- from parents, teachers and other adults who are usually trying to soften some kind of blow. They s...

A Little More: Olympics, Special and otherwise

My middle son Avery is sitting too close to the television, which is an old fight and not one I'm particularly interested in revisiting at the moment. Like most of America, we've watched the dazzling opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Beijing an...


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