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Parents' Bumblings and Stumblings, Uh, Help Kids to Speak, Study Shows

Sentences with stumblings and pauses are easier for children to follow. Credit: Getty Images Parents who, uh, you know, kind of like, that is to say, stumble over their words may actually be, sort of, teaching their children how to s...What did Henry Higgins know, anyway? An er, um, like or pause can benefit speech development.

Voice Recordings May Help Identify Autism, Study Says

New technology that analyzes recordings of children's voices may be able to help diagnose autism, a recent study shows. The Language Environment Analysis (LENA) system is attached to children's clothing and records sounds they make in a day. Re...

Baby Sign Language Can Help Your Child Communicate

A baby looks on during a sign language lesson. Credit: Janek Skarzynski, AFP / Getty Images
Most mothers will tell you they can read their baby's cries: A distressed wail sounds different than an angry sob or an annoyed whimper. But there are few...

Breaking the Binkie Habit

Sometimes pacifiers suck. Credit: Corbis
Pacifiers are a mom's best friend, until they're not. Whether binkie, blanket or thumb, babies need an outlet for their natural urge to suck. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it enables infants...

"Please" sounds so lovely when spoken by a toddler

My 26 month-old son, Devon, has an amazing grasp on speech, at least compared to his older siblings at this age. Everyday he acquires more words and is learning to piece together sentences. Watching and listening to his progress has been an absolute ...

Sign language for babies?

According to an article in the L.A. Times, parents and experts believe the benefits of teaching babies sign language are undeniable. An increasing number of parents are making the most of their infant's natural urge to communicate by capitalizing on ...

Advice for parents who have children who stutter

Stuttering is an involuntary repetition or extension of certain sounds that can be triggered by genetics, other speech disorders, stress and neurophysiologic abnormalities. The Stuttering Foundation recently offered a few suggestions to the parents o...

Verbal development: differences between siblings

Both of my children were "talkers, not walkers." Both crawled and walked relatively late, and both talked relatively early. "Wallie," my 17-month-old was especially verbal beginning at around nine-months-old. She didn't start walk...


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