Ticketed for Speeding on the way to the Delivery Room

We live three blocks from the hospital where I gave birth the second time. THREE BLOCKS. But when I was in labor, it seemed like three miles ... and also like it took three hours for my husband to find a parking place. It's hard to imagine, then, ...

Penalty for speeding: Catholic school girls

I won't say I've never exceeded the posted speed limit while behind the wheel of a car. In fact, I got my fair share of speeding tickets when I was younger. I'm not sure, but I might have gotten a lot fewer had I lived in Toronto, Ontario up in Canad...

No U-turn, even when vomiting

If you are a parent, this has probably happened to you. You are out driving with your kid when all hell breaks loose in the back seat. "All hell" could be anything from a spilled drink to a sibling boxing match to projectile vomiting. Whatever the ca...

Make your own speed trap

Let's face it. Nobody likes getting a speeding ticket. Sometimes, however, it seems that people need some sort of wake-up call to get them to slow down when there are kids around. One guy did it by putting up life-size cardboard cut-outs of his kids....

Tough choice: home after curfew or busted for speeding?

Sixteen-year-old Brandon D. Raap is usually home in bed by midnight. Last Friday night, however, he was running a little late. So, he hurried home. And when I say hurried, I mean he hurried. Porter County, Indiana sheriff's deputies recorded his spee...


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