Are you allergic to sex?

So, you want to have a baby. You've been dreaming about cribs and blankets for quite some time now. Only problem? Well, every time you have sex, you end up with red and swollen inner and outer vaginal areas. Could you be allergic to sex? According to...

British sperm banks running on empty

Everybody panic! They're running out of sperm in England! Okay, sorry, I couldn't resist. Anyway, it seems that fertility clinics have run into a serious shortage of donated genetic material thanks to a change which will allow children conceived usin...

Women, united by ... a single sperm donor

Some women connect through book clubs.  Others, through knitting circles.  But the Washington Post has an article about one group of women who share something other than a hobby -- all of their children were fathered by the same sperm donor...


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