Mom Allegedly Threatens Little League Official Because Her Son Didn't Make the Team

Talk about a parent totally striking out. Janet Chiauzzi, an East Meadow, N.Y. mom, has been arrested and charged with stalking, falsely reporting an incident, endangering the welfare of a child and aggravated harassment, allegedly because her...N.Y. mom charged with stalking, falsely reporting an incident, endangering the welfare of a child and aggravated harassment.

Opinion: No More Sore Losers In Sports

Jaroslav Halak (41) shakes hands with Pal Grotnes (33) after the game between Slovakia and Norway during the XXI Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada. Slovakia won 4-3. Credit: Cris Bouroncle, AFP / Getty Images
In our "win or bust", "you ...

Olympics Parent Profile: Jay Hakkinen Aims for America's First Biathlon Medal

Haakinen is going to compete in his fourth Olympics. Credit: US Biathlon
One in a series of interviews with U.S. Olympic team athletes who are also parents as they prepare for the Winter Games in Vancouver. The conversations will focus on...

Trying For a Record, High School Team Fouls Out

The Jack Yates Senior High School boys basketball team, known as the Jack Yates Lions, was trying to break a record for most consecutive 100-point games. On Jan. 20, with less than three minutes left, they had scored 84 points. To try and give t...

Ex-Congressman Allegedly Flashes Temper After Son's Soccer Game

A career in Congress never got Chip Pickering near the attention that an altercation after a youth soccer game has. Pickering and a youth soccer coach got into a tussle that Pickering claims started because the coach mistreated his son after a...

Big Celebrations Causing Big Problems for High School Football Players

Warning to high school football players: Beware the chest pump and the chest thump. They're common celebrations after touchdowns and other big plays at every level from kiddie football to the National Football League. But high school officials a...

Hockey Parents Get Sportsmanship Lesson From Youth Player

Miller Donnelly, then 9, delivers his message about how parents can ruin sports for kids if they are too wrapped up in winning and losing. The Donnellys didn't expect the video to attract a large audience -- it was shot in their basement with Mi...

College Official Loses Temper, Job Over Complaint About Son's Playing Time

Ever wish you could take back something you said in moment of frustration or even anger at your child's sports game? It's hard to imagine wishing that harder than Andrew Kniceley. Kniceley's 20-year-old son, Josh, is a sophomore offensive lin...

A Childhood Without Sports: How Bad?

"Sports are not for every child," says a mom next to me on the playground bench, as her son watches a ball whiz past him and roll to a stop in the sandbox. "What if a child is simply disinclined to be competitive? And why..." she leaned in closer...

Hot Topic: Parent Sportsmanship Worse Than Ever?

Is parent sportsmanship at our kids' games in a steep decline? That's an easy one to answer, since examples of adults behaving badly on youth sports sidelines are about as easy to find as the games themselves. Today we heard about...

Hockey fight camp for kids

As a teenager, I was really in to hockey. Actually, I was in to hockey players, but I also enjoyed the game itself. My best friend lived within walking distance of an ice rink and we spent countless afternoons perched in the bleachers watching the Ho...


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