Train's Pat Monahan on Being a Dad, His Grammy Win and Life as a Cartoon Character

Train's Pat Monahan also stars as an animated kid's character. Credit: Kevin Winter, Getty Images Belting out hit tunes like "Hey, Soul Sister" isn't Train frontman Pat Monahan's only gig. Since last November, the Grammy winning arti...Pat Monahan fronts Train, stars as "Driver Dan" and raises three kids.

Job Hunting While Pregnant, Co-Parenting, and More - Links We Love

Those first few minutes after giving birth are a flurry of activity, and moms can miss it trying to catch their breath. Wondering what it'll be like for baby? Check out this video: The first few minutes after birth. -- BabyCenter Speaking of babie...

Children's entertainer: Unwholesome need not apply?

We here at Parent Dish see a lot of the news going on in the world of parenting. Recently, an email sent caught my eye. Long story short, there's a new TV show on Disney called "My Friends Tigger and Pooh." The lady who sings the theme song has a web...

PBS Kids casting call: new host for 'multi-platform' media

PBS Kids is undergoing some changes and (it seems) they're paying attention to our input. You all had lots, and lots of complaints about the PBS Kids Sprout, programming carried by DirecTV and some digital cable channels (update: PBS informs me that ...


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