Elementary school bans tag on the playground

Ellie didn't have such a great day at school yesterday. Some kids laughed at her when she spilled water on herself, the cafeteria lunch offering was inedible and a boy got a little rough on the playground and 'sort of' punched her. The playground inc...

Life with just one child, it seems so peaceful

Friday night my two younger children were with their father for the weekend. My oldest, Loren, spent the night with me in an effort to find some peace and quiet in the hours before he took the SSAT test on Saturday. We had dinner, had a real conversa...

Mommy's little helper, a little bit of romance

I have a dark secret; I love romance novels. This fact used to make me blush and hide all evidence of my sick habit from prying eyes, but I am beginning to suspect that I am not the only mother out there who finds escape in this manner. After some re...

Parent meditation book, stories of everyday

As much as most of would love to have a picturesque life with ideal, well behaved kids, a clean and orderly house and balanced meals for every dinner, it is not too likely to happen. The reality is that our lives are filled with chaos, mess, stickine...


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