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No Child Left Behind Because Tests Are Dumbed Down?

Chicago has lowered the requirements for kids to pass standardized tests. Credit: Getty Images
In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus ... Anyone? Anyone? Invented bubble gum, you say? Oh, what the heck. Close enough for public sc...
Are Chicago schools giving up on kids by making tests easier to pass?

No Child Left Behind -- what's the problem?

A lot of people -- mostly politicians, it seems -- have praised the No Child Left Behind initiative to no end. Best thing since sliced bread, it seems. But a lot of people -- especially teachers -- have voiced plenty of criticism, If you're not quite...

Using the Force to improve test scores

In Pennsylvania, students are getting ready to take the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) tests, something, I'm sure, most kids dread and administrators fear. In one district, however, students have an edge -- the Force is with them. Or...

The art of test prepping

For a great number of eighth grade students across the country, the SSAT and similar such tests are a part of the high school admissions process. Most students have been exposed to standardized tests during their academic careers, but the SSAT elevat...


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