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Survey says moms tired of working

Moms are less interested in working outside the home, according to a recent survey. In the last decade, the number of moms who want to work full-time has dropped significantly -- with only 21% of moms who work outside the home describing their situ...

How much is a stay-at-home mom worth?

I've never been a stay-at-home mother, but have always maintained the utmost respect, and even envy, for those who are. But many stay-at-home moms feel they get a bad rap for being home with their children instead of going off to work each day. In fa...

Are stay-at-home moms making a 'Feminine Mistake'?

Writer Leslie Bennetts thinks that many mothers today have forgotten a belief they once embraced: a woman needs more than a husband and children to be fulfilled. Bennetts is the author of a book entitled The Feminine Mistake: Are We Giving Up Too Muc...

Do people really think working moms are neglectful?

We've all heard of the dreaded "Mommy Wars." Perhaps you don't like that name so call it what you want. But, it boils down to this: Instead of supporting each other, women tear each other down. Most of us have made the mistake of judging someone w...

Work at home mom

I have recently discovered that no, I cannot have it all. OK, I read the books and ingested the advice that insisted that Motherhood is a precarious balancing act, whatever acronym you choose: WAHM, SAHM, career mom, or any deviation thereof. But som...

Staying at home: so easy!

Today, Rob stayed at home with Nolan. I had presentations and some deadlines at work, and Rob's boss is very family-oriented and understanding about sick babies. It was not without a healthy dose of smug satisfaction that I left the bed unmade and...

Most "moms leaving the marketplace" stories are crap? You don't say

We've ragged this past year on flimsy "research" reports in the New York Times and other places that have attempted to argue there's an epidemic of women leaving the marketplace to have kids. In one egregious case, the Times attempted to ar...


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