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Stay-at-Home Dads More Likely to Get Divorced

Credit: Getty Images
You really need to think twice before you take in an ocelot, chimpanzee, wolf or human male with the thought of domesticating it first.
No matter how well trained and behaved they appear to be, these are essenti...
Study says husbands and fathers don't fare well in captivity.

Rules May Block Stay-at-Home Parents From Credit Cards

Credit cards may not be available for those who do not have individual sources of income after Oct. 1. Credit: Getty Images
Stay-at-home parents may not be able to get credit cards after Oct. 1.
That's when new federal rules kick in...
Rule aims to keep people in debt from acquiring more debts, but are there unintended consequences?

Opinion: Dads Can Stay Home With the Kids, Too

Working mothers shouldn't be the only ones making sacrifices. Credit: Getty Images
Discussions of successful women always seem to include the notion of being forced to make a choice: time with the kids, or career advancement. Parents should con...

Scotland gets its first official 'house husband'

Obviously there are plenty of stay-at-home dads (or "house husbands") in Scotland. However, when Alan Whyte tried to record that as his official position on his second son's birth certificate, he was met with resistance. Officials told the father he ...

Survey says moms tired of working

Moms are less interested in working outside the home, according to a recent survey. In the last decade, the number of moms who want to work full-time has dropped significantly -- with only 21% of moms who work outside the home describing their situ...

It's trendy to be a stay-at-home dad

Stay-at-home fathers are trendy, apparently. That's the story according to a recent article on fathers as primary caregivers. While the piece unfortunately utilizes the tired and outdated "Mr Mom" cliche, it does a good job presenting the growing tr...

Colbert Report making fun of parents?

In a couple weeks, I'm leaving my 8 to 5 to work from home and look after my daughter. I figured we'd get a little bored of each other after awhile, so I joined a local Stay at Home Dads Yahoo group. After a couple never-ending email threads, I learn...

At-home dad's convention

I regularly read four or five dad blogs. They're not as prevalent in the blogosphere as "mom blogs" - but there is some serious quality writing out there - as evidenced by the personal blogs of several of our very own writers. I am intrigued by Dad ...

Staying at home: so easy!

Today, Rob stayed at home with Nolan. I had presentations and some deadlines at work, and Rob's boss is very family-oriented and understanding about sick babies. It was not without a healthy dose of smug satisfaction that I left the bed unmade and...


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