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Gloria Steinem: Can a Housewife Be a Feminist?

Writer and feminist activist Gloria Steinem addresses the question of whether a stay-at-home mom may still claim to be a feminist.
Don't miss on Little Moments That Made Up a Movement Steinem describes the feminist mov...
The writer and feminist activist shares her view on stay-at-home moms and feminism.

Rules May Block Stay-at-Home Parents From Credit Cards

Credit cards may not be available for those who do not have individual sources of income after Oct. 1. Credit: Getty Images
Stay-at-home parents may not be able to get credit cards after Oct. 1.
That's when new federal rules kick in...
Rule aims to keep people in debt from acquiring more debts, but are there unintended consequences?

70 Percent of Moms Are Bringing Home the Bacon

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It's off to work most moms go! Credit: Getty
There's always been a long list of ammunition in the Mommy Wars between working and stay-at-home mothers.
But new statistics could call for a cease...
New report shows seven out of 10 American moms with kids younger than 18 are working.

'Supersize' Families: The Joy of Having 8-Plus Kids

As a mother of eight, Michele Rusden says her calendar is key. Credit: Michele Rusden
When Melina Cummings, 37, of Montgomery County, Md., had her first child, she was overwhelmed. Three children later, she decided she was done having babies an...

Babies of Working Moms Get Just as Much Cuddle Time

Cuddle time is a big part of a baby's day. Photo: ScaleOvenStove, Flickr
Babies of working moms get just as much cuddle time as babies of stay-at-home moms, says a new report out of Australia. Researchers followed parents of 3,000 babies between...

Dr. Laura Schlessinger on Working Moms

Dr. Laura feels sorry for working moms. Image:
Just in time for Mother's Day, Dr. Laura Schlessinger has released a new book titled "In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms." In this, her sixteenth book, Schlessinger urges mothers to eschew car...

More Mothers Are Returning to Work

With families finding it harder than ever to make end's meet, many SAHMs are returning to work sooner than they would like. The kids are alright, but moms are struggling. I always knew that being a full-time mommy was a temp job. From day one, new...

The Oscars, Salmonella, and Clive Owen - Links We Love

Thanks to, you can make any picture of yourself or your kids into a replica of Shepard Fairey's iconic Obama poster. Now you can love it up just in time for Valentine's Day with "Your daughter is adorable. Planning to have ...

Facebook - Does it Make You a Bad Mom?

Being a stay-at-home mom is fulfilling in countless ways, but let's face it ... it's not the most intellectually stimulating job around. And sometimes, it can be downright isolating. I believe that's why blogging and social networking are both so pop...

The Return of the 1950's Housewife

There was a time when stay-at-home moms looked to be on the verge of extinction. After being told that not only could they have it all, but that they should also want it tall, more and more women left their families and went out into the workplace to...

Nicole Kidman - Stay at Home Mom?

Nicole Kidman isn't shy about how much she loves being a mom to Sunday Rose. But the Australia star has fallen so hard for motherhood, she's thinking of putting her career on hold. "I'm not saying I'm not that interested in making films anymore," ...

Grandparents take better care of the kids

If your child care situation involves grandparents, you can rest easy knowing they are in good hands. In fact, according to a new study published in the latest issue of Pediatrics, your children might be safer with their grandparents than they are wi...

A SAHM's dirty little secret

These days, bringing up the "mommy wars" is as potentially explosive as a faux pas at a Middle East peace negotiation -- except everyone is a lot less diplomatic. I happened to grow up in a family of political junkies who loved to philosophize an...

TLC show stirs up "mommy wars"

TLC has a new show called, "The Secret Lives of Soccer Moms". Let me start by telling you that I have a particularly keen interest in this show for several reasons. For one, I was being seriously considered for the job of host held by former sitcom a...

Julia Roberts' dream job: stay-at-home mom

Julia Roberts told Vanity Fair in an interview that her dream is "to be a highly fulfilled and productive stay-at-home mom and wife." The mother of three feels her trio is the perfect size family for her and that "the highest high would be growing ...


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