Young Adults With STDs Swear Abstinence, Study Says

Did I use a condom? I don't know how I got that STD, Doc. I don't even have sex. Credit: Getty "Nope." "No." "Never." Young adults being treated for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are swearing to their docs that they're clue...Teens have STDs, but they claim they've never had sex.

Condom Sense: Trojan Ranks 13 Most Sexually Healthy Colleges

Columbia University had the highest "sexual GPA." Credit: Getty Images
Crazy parties, wild behavior, one-night stands, unprotected sex: This is the stuff that causes parents to wake in a cold sweat when they think of their sons or daughters on ca...
Trojan wraps up study on condom use, sexual health at the nation's leading colleges and the Ivy League, Big 10 schools top the honor roll.

Condoms for the fashion conscious

Avoiding sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies can be so...unfashionable. What sexually active woman wants an ugly package of condoms cluttering up her designer handbag? Surely if a woman could buy condoms that coordinated with her ...

Kate Walsh speaks out on sex education

Citing recent research that found that one in four young women are infected with an STD, Kate Walsh is pushing Congress for better funding for sex education. Walsh sits on Planned Parenthood's board of advocates and she's letting lawmakers know that ...

Study: One in four teen girls has an STD

In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers have determined that one out of every four teenage girls has a sexually transmitted disease (STD). This number was based on an analysis of a 2003-2004 government health study involving a nationally representa...

Scientists tell congress to just say no to abstinence-only education

Ten top researchers in the field of adolescent sexual and reproductive health recently sent a letter to members of congress calling for an end to government funding and support for abstinence-only education. The scientists note that "by design, absti...

Chewing gum used as illustration for STDs

In an oddly-contrived lesson, pregnancy counselors in Maryland asked 100 students to chew a piece of gum and pass it around to other students. The idea behind this really gross idea is to show students how easily STDs are spread. I guess they wanted ...


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