Steps to Stepfamily Success

Typical multi-home stepfamilies are like intact biological families in many ways. But, they differ structurally, developmentally and dynamically in many ways too. Stepfamilies who aren't aware of these differences risk using biological family...Learning to live well in a new family takes time. Everyone has a lot to learn, including how to cope in a new environment.

All in the Step Family: 4 in 10 Americans Have Step Relatives

Stepkids, stepdads, stepmoms ... All are welcome in the blended family mix, a new survey shows. Credit: Getty In a real-life take on the show "Modern Family," four in 10 Americans are including all sorts of step relatives -- sibs, kids...People say family ties are the most important priority in their lives.

Stepmoms are the new parenting trend

Did you know that more than half the women in the US are living in some sort of step-relationship? I certainly didn't, but according to this article, step families are a growing trend in that country, through remarriage, dating, or living together. I...


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