Tips for a Future Stepdad Who Doesn't Know a Lot About Girls Yet

Watch This Video and Take Some Tips On Co-Parenting From AdviceMama
Illustration by Dori Hartley When it comes to love, I've always believed if it's right, it's right, and that I'd know it. But a good checklist never hurts, either....
Before entering our castle, this prince best take our advice.

Julie Andrews' messed up childhood

Actress Julie Andrews has written a book about her life and the story she tells is not a pretty one. In Home: A Memoir of My Early Years, Andrews shares her memories of growing up in England with her mother, Barbara, and her stepfather, Ted Wells. Th...

Baby Grace identified, mother to blame in her death

I'm having a really hard time writing about this, but I thought it best to share this with you since I wrote about it so recently. Baby Grace has essentially been identified through DNA testing as Riley Ann Sawyers. As I guess we all suspected, som...

5-year-old boy saves kids from rabid fox

Rabid foxes just aren't what they used to be. There was a time when only the biggest and bravest man could take down a fox that was threatening other humans. Not any more. Mothers and children are rising up and putting the crazy little guys in their ...

It's never too late to be a dad

Yesterday was Single Parents' Day and writing about that had me reliving my own years as a single parent. I remember many times wishing there was another adult who was looking out for and caring about my daughter the way I was. Someone with whom I co...


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