All in the Step Family: 4 in 10 Americans Have Step Relatives

Stepkids, stepdads, stepmoms ... All are welcome in the blended family mix, a new survey shows. Credit: Getty In a real-life take on the show "Modern Family," four in 10 Americans are including all sorts of step relatives -- sibs, kids...People say family ties are the most important priority in their lives.

Stepfathers make better parents than biological dads?

In some families, the original isn't always the best when it comes to fathers. For 'fragile families', described as low-income urban families prone to non marital births, mothers say that stepfathers are often more engaged, cooperative and willing to...

Did Stella McCartney's stepmother inspire her new jewlery line?

Heather Mills, soon-to-be-ex-wife of Beatle Paul McCartney said in interviews last week that step-daughter Stella McCartney did evil, evil things and once scratched Heather's face out of a photograph. While it's impossible to know if Mills' version ...

Familymooning: Honeymooning, with children

"Familymooning". Sounds almost obscene, doesn't it ? Like something your kids would do to strangers out the back window while you're zooming down Interstate 5. But no. The "familymoon" is a variation on the babymoon, which we cove...


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