Your Sleep Position May Save Your Unborn Baby's Life

Study shows pregnant women who sleep on their left side reduce the risk of stillbirths. Credit: Getty Images
The position you sleep in could be a matter of life and death for your unborn children.
Researchers in New Zealand tell U.S...
Study says sleeping on your left side might be a matter of life and death for your unborn infant.

Half of 2.6 Million Annual Stillborn Births Could Be Avoided, Study Finds

More than 2.6 million pregnancies end in stillbirths. Credit: Getty Images Stillborn births are one of those hush-hush tragedies families often don't talk about. Now, adding to the trauma and pain, researchers have discovered that more...There are more stillborn deaths worldwide each year than from AIDS and malaria combined.

Pregnancy fact or fiction: Umbilical cords

When I was pregnant with my first child, I had a lot of fears. Some of them were totally unsubstantiated, but all of them were most likely the product of going through a life-altering experience with no real rules or know-how. And of course there we...

Help for parents of dying babies

It is a heartbreaking but unavoidable truth: not every pregnancy results in a healthy, viable baby. Modern technology has made it possible to detect life-threatening defects or complications, throwing expectant parents once bursting with excitement a...

At a loss (for words)

The other day I found myself in the most awkward of conversations. I was speaking with a woman who I'd only met one other time. She'd asked me about my son the time before and we were discussing him again on this most recent occasion. At one point...

Midwife goes to jail after stillborn birth

A Wisconsin midwife has been sentenced to six months of jail plus probation due to a baby being born stillborn in a home birth. According to this article, Helen Dentice, who is 52, started working with a couple one month before the delivery of their...

Mothers of the heart, we salute you

Tomorrow is Birthmother's Day. Did you know that? If you are adopted, what do you do to celebrate it? If you are a birthmother? As Mother's Day approaches, I am feeling rather self-conscious about all of the attention and horn-tooting being devoted t...


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